NHÀ ĐÀY in Buon Me Thuot

by Lê Thu Thủy December 19, 2015 at 9:58 am
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If you wanna travel to Vetnam but don’t know anythings about Vietnam travel, you can look at in this topic to see things to do in vietnamIt’s really useful. Nhà Đày, located at 18 Tan Thuat Street, Tu An Ward, Buon Ma Thuot city, is a red address in preserving and promoting the tradition values.

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Built in 1930-1931, the house is the place to jail political prisoners mainly from central provinces. The name of Nhà Đày Buon Me Thuot was originated from a French name: Pénitencer de Ban Mê Thuột and partly based on the characteristics and types of the jail of the French. After being sentenced, those who borne heavy sentence (more than 5 years) were considered dangerous and would be exiled to distant places in the mainland or far islands.

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NHÀ ĐÀY Buon Me Thuot- house for oppression

Nhà Đày Ban Me Thuot was built on an area of 2 hectares, with 4 meter- height walls. At the 4 corners, guardians watched over 24/24 hours. Inside, there are 6 blocks where put in jail prisoners. Next to the main entrance to the south is the place for political prisoners who were regarded as danger. There are also workshops, warehouses and kitchens. This is a kind of traditional prison of the French colonist.

Nhà Đày Ban Me Thuot is widely known not because of architectural design or the torture of the enemies but because of the patriotic movements of political prisoners here. It is the House where many revolutionaries were detained and trained their spirit. Many who later undertook the important positions in the Party, the State and the Army as Vo Chi Cong, Phan Dang Luu, Ho Tung Mau, Nguyen Chi Thanh, To Huu …

Nhà Đày Ban Me Thuot was built on an area of 2 hectares

At Nhà Đày, by the end of 1941, a secret organization called “loyal force” was established. In fact, this was a part of Communist Party. Basic standards of the organization were to comply with the regulation of Communist Party and ready to sacrifice for Communism. The policy and the Party’s guidelines are strictly followed, spreading through out many other places in the province and it is a prerequisite for future victories. Communist prison overcame the cruelty, brutality of the enemy and fought till the end in high spirit.

The years of glorious struggle in Nhà Đày Ban Me Thuot is an epic about patriotism, the determination of national liberation, the pride of the Dak Lak people in particular and the country in general.

Through many restorations, now Nhà Đày Me Thuot House regularly open to visitors. Images, objects, artifacts are on display to recreate lively the years of fierce, pride of the revolutionary soldiers in the past.