Kien Giang attracts tourists who wish to gain new experience

by Lê Thu Thủy December 18, 2015 at 10:12 am
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Kien Giang attracts tourists who wish to gain new experience. Visiting Kien Giang in summer is the best time to visit vietnam. This time make you have a awesome time in there.

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The Southern City – Rach Gia

Tam Quan Gate, Rach Gia

Hon Beo beach with the sunny sand, the blue water, the peaceful scenery. Bai Ot was formerly a fishing village, founded when Ha Tien was first established. The uniqueness of the Southern Street comes from the Bai Ot mountain range that reaches out to the sea to create a masterpiece. In the winter, when waves are roaring everywhere, only in Bai Ot will you find water this peaceful.

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Pirate Island in Kien Giang (Dao Hai Tac)

The Pirate Island, Kien Giang

Just a name came up to attract tourist. Pirate Island is located in the west of Kien Giang. Judging by the name, visitors can expect an adventure in this mysterious island.

Seafood, white sand, coconuts are some of the main attractions. Pirate Island has a primitive, mysterious, remote from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Come to Pirate Island, you can live with the locals or set up a campsite on the beach to fully enjoy the wilderness. While you’re at it, try scuba diving and enjoy some freshly caught creatures from the sea.

U Minh Thuong

U Minh Thuong National Park

The U Minh Thuong primary forest is located in the district with the same name, 50 km away from Rach Gia city. This is one of the famous national parks in Vietnam. U Minh Thuong makes people want to go back to the root with its majestic wilderness. Carrying rich history, U Minh Thuong attract those who desire a tour, as well as those who wish to reminisce. If you are the type to experience in the sacred jungle, see plants and animals of all shapes and sizes, U Minh Thuong is a good choice.

Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc Island

An island that needs little introduction. Phu Quoc district is consisted of 22 islands, among which Phu Quoc island is the biggest. Phu Quoc is regarded to be the crown jewel of Vietnam because of the richness in nature and the abundant tourism potential. The strange land with primary forests in the Northeast, beaches in the surrounding. Visitors in Phu Quoc can swim in sea, streams, rivers and then head up to the mountains, caves, or jungles to observe the wilderness.

The specialty of this place is Phu Quoc fish sauce. The flavorful fish sauce is produced from a special kind of rice fish, with high density. Every year, Phu Quoc produces around 6 million liters of fish sauce. There are over 2.000 fishing boats in Phu Quoc, which catches 35.000 ton of fish annually.

The Stalactite Cave in Kien Giang

The Stalactite Cave

Also known as Thach Dong Thon Van (the stalactite cave that swallows clouds), the cave can be found 50m high. Early in the morning, the clouds look like cotton candy flying in the sky and get tackled by this big cave, and then this juggernaut just suck all the candy.

From the south, the rough edges of Thach Dong look like the face of a French general named Bonnet à Poil. You can take you car up to the stairs. The cave is huge. From the front gate looking up, the top of Thach Dong looks like a majestic eagle spreading its wings.

Phu Tu islet (Hon Phu Tu)

Phu Tu Islet, Kien Giang

Hon Phu Tu is located in Binh An, Kien Luong, Kien Giang in the channel near Hang pagoda resort. This is considered the symbol for Kien Giang

Hon Phu Tu has attracted everyone that has been to Ha Tien with its natural beauty and rich history. From Hang pagoda, you will be blown away by the islet from the south.