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by Lương Anh Đồng 2 years ago

Top 8 things to do in Vietnam Hanoi

The gem of Vietnam is the capital city of vietnam hanoi. Busy, with a metro population of more than 6 million people, frenetic Hanoi has a host of highlights to take in. Here are our summarized must-see attractions in the city that you...

by Lê Thu Thủy 2 years ago

Best destination in Hanoi

Hanoi is is the best places to visit in vietnam From foreigners’ eyes, Hanoi owns enough distinctiveness for them in order that they can not mistake ha noi vietnam capital of Vietnam for others in Asian. Come to see Best destination...

by Lê Thu Thủy 2 years ago

Top 8 best places to visit in vietnam

The Vietnamese capital provides a truly startling contrast to Ho Chi Minh city – it has a far more traditional air and is home to some superb examples. The classic tour for visitors vietnam places to visit, and with good reason – following...

by Lê Thu Thủy 2 years ago

Festival of Dong Phi village

Dong Phi village, Phuong Tu commune, Ung Hoa district, hanoi vietnam city. Before 1945, Dong Phi was a name of commune of three villages: Dong Phi, Nguyen Xa and Ngoc Dong. Nowadays, such these above villages are in Phuong Tu commune....

by Lương Anh Đồng 2 years ago

Producing Hang Bac Street

Hàng Bạc had its share of stories and eccentrics. Miss Bé Tí, who lived in Hàng Bạc, was always called “the little girl from Hàng Bạc”, although in reality she was a very fat lady. She runs a money brokerage, but people came...

by Lê Thu Thủy 2 years ago

Temple of Literature in Hue

Top vietnam things to do, plus suggested routes. In Hue, the old capital of Vietnam, the Temple of Literature (so-called Van Mieu Hue or Van Thanh) majestically lies on the bank of Perfume River, to the west of the Citadel, just 1km from...